Environews: Mercury Island Tusked Weta on the brink of extinction

Weekend Variety Wireless 17/02/2018
Photo: Danny Thornburrow, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research.

The Mercury Island Tusked Weta is on the brink of extinction. But can it be saved? Corrinne Watts of Landcare Research explains this remarkable victory for our biodiversity.

It’s close to a conservation miracle. Very much like the Black Robin project that saw the tiny bird saved from extinction from a SINGLE female, the story of the Mercury Island Tusked Weta is nearly identical.

There were only one male and three Mercury Island Tusked Wetas left when they were saved from extinction.

In the 1990's they realized they were declining quite quickly... but had no idea why.

Listen to the full audio with Corrinne Watts above.

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