Legalise All Drugs? Ross Bell & Wendy Allison

Weekend Variety Wireless 04/02/2018

Graeme speaks with Ross Bell from the New Zealand Drug Foundation.

Alcohol is a major drug problem in New Zealand... but what about the illegal drugs that no one talks about?

Ross says have a chance to make a change with drugs in New Zealand.

Should 'hard' drugs be legalized in NZ? Just as Portugal has.

Listen to the full audio with Ross Bell above.

Graeme also speaks with Wendy Allison, from 'Know Your Stuff', who started free drug testing at festivals - to see what drugs you're actually taking.

She wants to keep people safe - even though the drugs are illegal in New Zealand, she tests whether they are actually what someone thought they were taking, not laced with something else.

Wendy says her evidence discourages from people using drugs.

Listen to the full audio with Wendy Allison above.

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