"Trump is a disgusting human being"

Weekend Variety Wireless 18/02/2018

John Dybvig is back with some more classic American chat... the latest school shooting, Stormy Daniels, and Trump.

There have been 18 school shootings in America this year already...

the madness of guns in America is frustrating. What could the FBI have legally done to avoid the latest school shooting ahead of the shooter actually committing a crime? Arrest him for... what? 

So the Russian meddling is not a hoax. What next though? 

Is Trump heading for a Lewinski moment? Graeme asks Dybvig if he prefers Trump or Pence.

Trump is [way worse], a disgusting human being.

American broadcasters want to say Pyeongchang in a “clean” way. What?

Also, Ripleys Believe It or Not... why is this in the news?

Listen to the full audio with John Dybvig above.

Warning...John does always try to contain himself, but there are a few swear-words used, so listen to this week's Letter from America at your own risk. It's worth it!

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