Outsiders: The Harriet affair

Weekend Variety Wireless 12/02/2018
Photo: NZGeographic.

Author and historian Gerard Hindmarsh joins Graeme Hill on Weekend Variety Wireless to discuss the Harriet Affair. 

The Harriet Affair was one of the most brutal and harrowing events in NZ history, that went on to provoke debate in the house of commons in London and in many ways forced The Treaty Of Waitangi into existence.

The story plays out between 1830 and 1835 and centres around Elizabeth Guard and her ex-convict whaler husband Jacky during a time of fierce turmoil in New Zealand.

Kidnap, cannibalism and bloody murder ensue after Jacky’s drive to seek vengeance at any cost. 

Elizabeth Guard was the first European woman to have her home address “South Island” and somehow survived through this time to raise 8 children in Marlborough and in the end, call New Zealand home.

Listen to the full story above. 

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