Pondering People: Brands and cognitive biases

Weekend Variety Wireless 12/02/2018
Photo: Getty.

Jonathan Dodd joins Graeme Hill to talk about all things human statistics.

This week Jonathan looks at the most influential brand in NZ. Mr. Dodd talks about how to be a cutting-edge brand you need engagement, trust, leading edge, and it's nice if you have a high presence.

The top 10 influential Brands in New Zealand are :

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft
  4. Youtube
  5. Air New Zealand
  6. Samsung
  7. The Warehouse
  8. Trade Me
  9. Apple 
  10. Pak 'n' Save

Jonathan also looks at cognitive biases, and how your mind twists reality. He also gives us the rundown on this week in New Zealand ;  looking at floods, storms, and poverty. 

Listen to the full audio above.

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