Skeptical Thoughts: Laying eggs, animal quackery and the spaghetti monster

Weekend Variety Wireless 26/02/2018
Photo: Wikipedia.

This week on Skeptical Thoughts Mark Honeychurch talks to Graeme Hill about an Indonesian boy laying eggs, mass shooting conspiracy theories and Pastafarianism.

An Indonesian boy has made claims that he can, in fact, lay eggs. Akmal, 14, says he has laid 20 eggs over the past two years. After recieving an X-ray it was evident that there was an egg within the boy's body. Mark, however, has a very different theory as to how those eggs got there. 

Photo: Dailymail.

Following the school shooting last week, conspiracy theorists have run rampant. There have been claims that the teens from  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are in fact crisis actors, and that the entire shooting was staged to trigging gun reforms. Graeme and Mark ponder this idea. 

There has been some animal quackery this week. The Herald published homeopathic vet Lisa Shrider has been at it again and Mark believes

it's promoting nonsense

Mark brings to light a  fairly recent religion; Pastafarianism. The religion follows the flying spaghetti movement. The religion began as a social movement that promotes the light-hearted perception of religion.

Listen to the full audio with Mark above.

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