Skeptical Thoughts with Siouxsie Wiles

Weekend Variety Wireless 04/02/2018
Wicked Witch of the West.

Siouxsie Wiles is back for Skeptical Thoughts this week, talking with Graeme about KT Tape, witch groups, and predator journals.

What is KT tape? A US advertisement for KT Tape which claims to be for "serious athletes" caught Siouxsie's eye... is it just the placebo effect? Have they exaggerated the use of the tape?

Siouxsie talks about two networks groups from ancient China... where they get categorised into groups of 'witches' or 'non witches'. What is this all about?

Also, what is the bad-side of predator journals?

Listen to the full audio with Siouxsie Wiles above.

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