The Pondering People with Jonathan Dodd

Weekend Variety Wireless 08/02/2018

Recent research has found New Zealanders are amongst the most open-minded and welcoming towards immigrants and refugees.

Last year Ipsos surveyed people in 22 countries, including New Zealand, about immigration issues.

Jonathan Dodd from Ipsos joined Graeme Hill on RadioLIVE's Weekend Variety Wireless to ponder over the results.

Here is what they found.

  • New Zealanders are the most likely of the 23 countries surveyed to feel that immigration has been good for the economy (51%).
  • New Zealanders are also the most likely to say immigrants with higher education should be given priority to fill skill shortages (66%).
  • New Zealanders are also the most likely to say immigrants make New Zealand a more interesting place to live (54%).

The cloudy bits:

  • 53% of New Zealanders feel that immigration is pressuring public services.
  • New Zealand-born people have a more negative view of immigration than do immigrants – 31% of New Zealand-born people feel that immigration has had a negative effect, compared to 24% of immigrants.


  • Seasoned travellers and immigrants are more open and positive towards immigrants, whereas New Zealand-born and poorly travelled are more ‘anti-immigrant’.
  • Immigrants’ views vary depending on how long they have lived in New Zealand and where they came from - recent, pro-immigration immigrants are more likely to be from India whereas the long-term immigrants who are mainly from the UK are now less favourable towards immigration (the country to came to is no longer what it was)

Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Dodd above.

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