March for our Lives and Trump with John Dybvig

Weekend Variety Wireless 26/03/2018
Credit: File.

The March for our Lives movement took place this weekend, John Dybvig explains its importance for American gun control.

Graeme Hill is joined by Dyvbig for Letter from America, but Graeme warns that he's taken him off the leash...

Trump fired Hr McMaster, and hired John Bolton... is he now going to fire Muller?

Dybvig says Trump is now asserting himself after a Playboy Bunny on CNN talked for an hour about her affair with Trump.

Dybvig is proud of the people participating in March for our Lives, but admits that it's not only Trump who struggled with gun control.

Also, an update on the Stormy Daniels drama.

Listen to the full audio with John Dybvig above.

Warning...John does always try to contain himself, but there are a few swear-words used, so listen to this week's Letter from America at your own risk. It's worth it!

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