Astronomy: The night sky & the rotating Moon

Weekend Variety Wireless 24/03/2018
File: Nebra Sky Disc.

The ancient Nebra Sky Disc, pictured above, was discovered around 30 years ago in Germany and is the very first known depiction of the Night Sky.

Graeme Hill is joined by Astronomer Dr Grant Christie, as he tells us about the rotating Moon.

Dr Christie explains how his team has been imaging the sky every clear night for nearly a year, to search for objects.

The Humanity Star has come out of orbit... but what happened to it being in the air for at least seven months?

Speaking of the Moon's scale compared to the Earth, Dr Christie says "It's kind of like a cork in the ocean in the gravity sense."

Dr Christie also speculates, what actually makes water?

Lastly, the Rotating Moon... the little-seen full view from LRO.

Listen to the full audio with Grant Christie above.

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