Astronomy: The Milky Way & Tiangong-1 Space Station

Weekend Variety Wireless 10/03/2018
Credit: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Colorful bands surround the Milky Way, your last chance to see China’s doomed Tiangong-1 Space Station & James Webb's space telescope deployment.

Stardome Astronomer Dr Grant Christie joins Graeme to talk all the Astronomy news of the week.

Why are colorful airglow bands surrounding the Milky Way?

Your last chance to see China’s doomed Tiangong-1 Space Station... which has a one-way ticket into the Earth's atmosphere later this month. 

Download the Heavens Above app on your phone to see when the Space Station is passing over you - the app will show you where to look. 

Research journal Space Weather states Cosmic Rays are bad – and they're getting worse! Radiation from deep space is dangerous and intensifying faster than previously predicted.

            Check out James Webb's Space Telescope Deployment below:

Listen to the full audio with Grant Christie above.

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