Digging up graves in Otago

Weekend Variety Wireless 19/03/2018
Photo: Otago Daily Times.

Professor Hallie Buckley of the University of Otago anatomy department joins Ryan Bradley in for Graeme Hill to talk about a new exhumation project in Otago.

Professor Buckley  talks about the project, which is shining light on the health challenges that those living in the 19th Century would have faced.

Late last year Prof Buckley and her colleague Dr Peter Petchey excavated a site formerly known as the St John’s Church of England Burial Ground. The purpose of the excavation was identify unmarked graves, and to investigate the history of those buried there.

A lot of the early European settlers from the area had come from overseas, meaning that they had previously not been identified.

The university has raised the idea that health outcomes were better for settlers in New Zealand opposed to abroad.

Prof Buckley shares information about the project, and tells us why they are digging up graves.

Listen to the full audio with Professor Buckley above.

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