Do we allow blatant sexism in women's sport?

Weekend Variety Wireless 19/03/2018
Photo: Medium.

Professor Toni Bruce sits down with Ryan Bradley in for Graeme Hill to discuss gender equality in sport.

Over the past 12 months the issue of gender equality and sport has gained a lot of notoriety around the world.  

Prof Bruce believes that it is something that needs to be less talk, more action. There is a lot of talk regarding whether or not we are blatantly sexist in regards to female based sports.

Prof Bruce believes that there is no question that change is needed, and that we need to leave a legacy for the future women in sport.

We are making progress towards equality, but the sporting world remains unbalanced. By having a male focus in sport, are we being blatantly sexist?

Media coverage of sporting events tends to have a male skew, explains Prof Bruce, and male dominated sports take the front runner for all forms of publicity.

Listen to the full audio with Professor Bruce above.

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