Environews: Stoats’ incredible abilities

Weekend Variety Wireless 24/03/2018
Credit: File.

Stoats have the incredible ability to wipe out our wildlife wherever they encounter it, so how can we best eradicate them? 

Andrew Veale of Unitec joins Graeme Hill for this weeks Environews: the invasion ecology of Stoats.

A stoat trapped on pest-free Motutapu Island has been sent for DNA analysis to find out where it came from.

Mr Veale explains that stoats are becoming trapped in Auckland... but it's unlikely you'll be able to see them.

They are evolved killing machines.

Female Stoats are fertile from birth, meaning they are nearly always pregnant. 

Mr Veale says "they're incredibly hard to catch"... as Stoats like to climb.

Listen to the full audio with Andrew Veale above.

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