Human Statistics: Craft beer & expectations

Weekend Variety Wireless 31/03/2018
Credit: Getty.

What makes a good craft beer? Survey says to be small, unique and have a quirky name.

Jonathan Dodd from Ipsos joins Ryan Bradley to discuss  craft beer and peoples' expectations versus their satisfaction level.

While researching what makes a good craft beer, Ipsos found there are age differences in terms of satisfaction. Older people tend to favour traditional recipes and locally brewed beers while younger people going by wacky names and design.

How do peoples' expectations influence their satisfaction level? Mr Dodd says to consider the old claim, “if you have low expectations you’ll never be dissatisfied.”

If you had a negative experience, and it was worse than expected, brand favourability goes down for 64 percent of people.

Listen to the full audio with Jonathan Dodd above.

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