Human Statistics: The Lollapalooza effect

Weekend Variety Wireless 03/03/2018

Research director at Ipsos, Jonathan Dodd delivers this week’s human statistics from global and local polling.

Connective Health Apps like Fitbit... are they actually helpful to track your steps/health?

Ipsos surveyed over 18,000 consumers... but how many actually use them?

What on Earth is the Lollapalooza effect and how does one avoid “catching” it?

Jonathan says the Lollapalooza effect is;

The greatest name in psychology.

Is it better to write your goals down digitally... or with a pen or paper? 

Students in lectures are less likely to remember if they take notes on their laptop rather than writing them down. 

Also, what do we really think about fat-cat rich-boy yachting stars? 

Listen to the full audio with Jonathan Dodd above.

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