Media Stick: OJ Simpson, Stephen Hawking and penis jokes

Weekend Variety Wireless 19/03/2018
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Tamar Munch joins Ryan Bradley in for Graeme Hill, to trawl through the Media fun and mistakes from the past week.

This week we look at sex and consent, especially regarding alcohol.  Then we move to Stephen Hawking. Tamar looks at Hawking's social presence, and his humour.

Check out this video of him roasting John Oliver below.

Next Tamar takes a look at OJ Simpson and his book ‘If I did it - Confessions of the killer’. OJ did an interview at the time of the books release.

It makes him sound awfully guilty. Simpson gives in depth descriptions of the crimes, and it definitely sounds like he murdered him. If you want to check it out click here.

It's just bloody weird.

He changes tenses and insinuates his own guilt.

Tamar reckons "it's just bloody weird."

Then we move to Australia. Meow Ludo Meow Meow has recently become the centre of an interesting debate.

Mr Meow Meow tried to implant a transport chip in his arm to be able to catch trains and buses. However it seems to have backfired, considering the chip no longer works.

Photo: 7News.

Following a tussle between David Warner and Quentin De Kock, Australian station Triple M decided to make some rather creative news bulletins.

The station made some phallic insinuations claiming that Warner “denied rubbing De Kock up the wrong way”, that “Dave Warner doesn’t reckon he will get a rise out of De Kock again” and finally, that Warner would “prefer De Kock gave him a spray to his face”.

Listen to the full audio with  Tamar Munch above.

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