Skeptical Thoughts: Crisis actors & American loons

Weekend Variety Wireless 04/03/2018

Siouxsie Wiles, master Skeptic joins Graeme to expose the hoaxes, frauds, and fakes from the week.

Have you done your Census? Tuesday the 6th is New Zealand Census day. Siouxsie asks that if you're non-religious, please tick the 'no religion' box!

Laurence Krauss and Richard Dawkins: Science in the Soul tour. How will these two work together? The tour will visit NZ in May.

What is a crisis actor? There's a conspiracy that mass shootings aren't true at all...

Holy Koolaid... what is this Youtuber even on about?!   

The encyclopedia of American Loons... Siouxsie has stumbled upon a delight. Will this become a show regular?

Listen to the full audio with Siouxsie Wiles above.

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