Words with Max Cryer: Census & Codger

Weekend Variety Wireless 10/03/2018
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The 2018 Census, what is the difference between Boar and Bore and... does God have feet?

Entertainment legend, national treasure, and resident etymologist Max Cryer answers your questions about the English language. 

The Word of the Week is 'Census', the NZ 2018 Census day was this Tuesday... hope you filled it out!

Mr Cryer wonders... does God have feet?

What is the difference between Bore and Boar?

What do cartoon characters Porky Pig, Paddington Bear, Daffy Duck and Winnie the Pooh, have in common?

Mr Cryer also explains the history of the word 'Codger' and it may not be what you think.

If you hear someone say 'cock-up' on the Radio, does that mean it's acceptable?

Do you want to know the meaning and origin of a word? Ask Max a question here.

Listen to the full audio with Max Cryer above.

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