America is 'least qualified guy' according to a Chinese Diplomat

Weekend Variety Wireless 09/04/2018
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Continued bagging on Trump, what is Robert Muller doing, and what did a Chinese Diplomat say?

John Dybvig joins Graeme Hill after the week's break, but can't stay away from discussing Trump no matter how much Graeme persists.

America is the 'least qualified guy' - according to a Chinese diplomat.

"Trump makes up sh** every day." Graeme nearly loses it, tells Dybvig it's time for a Trump break.

He tears apart the fabric of our society every day.

Also, Robert Muller gets heavy.

Listen to the full audio with John Dybvig above.

Warning...John does always try to contain himself, but there are a few swear-words used, so listen to this week's Letter from America at your own risk. It's worth it!

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