Astronomy: Gaia Satellite data

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/04/2018
Gaia Satellite. Photo: APOD.

The Gaia Satellite data has been released, which has finally mapped our galaxy in incredibly precise detail. 

Dr Grant Christie joins Graeme Hill after a landmark week in astronomy.

It’s Astronomy Cocaine!

Astronomers all around the world are just queuing up for this project, Dr Christie says.

He explains the precision it can measure in the motion of the star, is the equivalent to measuring the width of a human hair from a thousand kilometres.

Listen to the full audio with Dr Grant Christie above.

Also we are joined by the Founder and head of the Gaia Satellite data project, Gerry Gilmour in an Astronomy special.

The project will map the Milky Way in 3D so we can know what is out there.

This sequence of Hubble Space Telescope views represents an imagined three-dimensional flight across the core of the Lagoon Nebula.

Listen to the full audio with Gerry Gilmore above.

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