Dynamo: Uber illusionist and confounding TV sensation

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

Illusionist Dynamo’s 'Seeing is Believing' tour is coming to New Zealand – Christchurch from the 20th - 21st July, and Auckland on the 26th July.

Dynamo joins Graeme Hill to answer how he got that good, how many people are required to pull off some of his feats, and if he would be burnt as a witch if this were olden times.

He says he started performing magic by accident as his Grandpa was a performer.

Dynamo says he was bullied in school, just schoolyard antics, but his Grandpa taught him magic to scare people away.

It alienated him at the start but Dynamo says as he got older he realised the element of entertainment could actually draw people towards him.

Technology helped pushed the world forward and so he developed his skilled to suit the modern world and relate to audiences.

Listen to the full interview with Dynamo above.

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