Experience Africa through the eyes of local filmmakers

Weekend Variety Wireless 07/04/2018
Image: Welcome to Gondwana, African Film Festival.

The best way to experience Africa without going there is through the eyes of the local filmmakers who tell their own stories.

Boubacar Coulibaly, Nadine Namihana, and Halim Hassouna are three of the people behind the African Film Festival, happening in Auckland and Wellington this April and May, and they joined Ryan Bradley on Weekend Variety Wireless.

The festival stemmed from the community wanting to share their culture with other Kiwis, and the 2018 festival is the fourth annual instalment. The whole idea behind the festival is to show the Africa through the eyes of Africans.

This year the festival focuses on the stories and struggles of inspiring women in Africa.

Hear the passion and stories behind the films that give you a real life account across the vast African continent from South Africa to Egypt.

One of the films in the festival, Clash, talks about how safe Egypt is. It’s set entirely in an 8m police truck, with a focus on a group of people from different political backgrounds who get stranded.

Listen to the full interview with Boubacar Coulibaly, Nadine Namihana, and Halim Hassouna above.

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