Human Statistics: tolerance of people with different backgrounds

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/04/2018
Credit: IStock.

Stereotypes can work and be correct at times, if it’s a positive comment on something one is doing.

Jonathon Dodd from Ipsos joins Graeme Hill to discuss polls and the statistics they reveal on humans, stereotypes and CVs.

Ipsos looks into the Mori study, where they surveyed 27 countries and over 90,000 people about becoming increasingly divided with different types of people.

The different political views are what is dividing the different statistics in the surveys.

The country that was most likely to say that they were tolerant of people with different backgrounds was Canada.

“I’m a dog racist,” – Graeme speaks up.

Stereotypes are prominent in the workplace, and can be proven through CV checks, says Mr Dodd.

Listen to the full audio with Jonathan Dodd above.

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