Is Comedy becoming too soft?

Weekend Variety Wireless 21/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

British Comedian, Jimmy McGhie, joins Graeme Hill ahead of his show at the NZ International Comedy Festival next Saturday to discuss the softening nature of comedy.

"Outrage has now become a currency that people use", explains McGhie, claiming that people nowadays feel an emotional entitlement to not be offended. 

He described comedians to be the "nightclub doormen of popular culture".

The culture of stand up comedy has evolved from its cut-throat "punk" roots to a safer, softer "pop music" feel.

Nowadays, huge stadium comics are not the focus of the comedy club circuit, playing to audiences that already like them which has taken the risk away from comedy.

There is danger in comedians tapping into the humour of life experiences. McGhie believes this plays an important part of comedy.

Jimmy will be on the Comedy Gala next Thursday and his own show opens next Saturday, 28 Apr at The Classic, Auckland. 

You can check out 2018 Comedy Fest web-page here. 

Listen to the full audio with Jimmy McGhie above.

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