Life expectancy dependent on socioeconomic status

Weekend Variety Wireless 07/04/2018
Credit: Getty

Otago University researchers have discovered that life expectancy 100 years ago was dependant on one's socioeconomic status.

Professor Nick Wilson from the Department of Public Health at the University of Otago joins Ryan Bradley.

Professor Wilson explains there was a gap between the poorest occupations versus the soldiers who had trained as higher status occupations. The life expectancy difference was about 4 years.

In 2018, the life expectancy difference is higher than it was 100 years ago. The average life expectancy difference in men is six and a half years, but only a 5-year gap for women.

Professor Wilson also discusses the difference in socioeconomic class and questions whether more needs to be done to target those most vulnerable to premature death.

Listen to the full audio with Nick Wilson above.

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