Media Stick: The Simpsons & Taika Waititi

Weekend Variety Wireless 15/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

The Simpsons have been loved by many for nearly 30 years, but is the popular character Apu, racist?

Paul Casserly talks with Graeme Hill dissecting the week’s media highlights and lowlights.

The media mocking Andrew Saville about his lycra, he's not even that fat!

Andre the Giant, a documentary on the French wrestler/actor will be released in the United States this week. He died in 1993 and Mr Casserly plays a teaser clip for the documentary that shows he drank 106 beers in one go.

Taika Waititi said that New Zealand is racist... but Duncan Garner disagrees. Graeme and Mr Casserly dive in.

The Simpsons character Apu... should he be considered racist? The Simpsons were asked to rethink the character, and they answered that in an episode.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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