Skeptical Thoughts: Homeopathy & Ken Ring

Weekend Variety Wireless 29/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

Mark Honeychurch joins Graeme to expose the Hokum bunkum and woo from the past week.

Homeopathy doesn’t work… some sceptics believe we talk about it too much. Mr Honeychurch thinks we need to keep spreading the word that homeopathy is false and cannot cure dieses.

In the UK, Mr Honeychurch found a support group that goes by the name ‘PSA’, The Professional Standards Authority.

They are watching and calling out anyone that claims to use Homeopathy to cure their ‘patients’ and are making sure the public know.

Mr Honeychurch was approached asking if Ken Ring, the lunar writer, was correct in saying the moon can help predict earthquakes.

He’s worried Ring is spreading the wrong message across the country because people are actually starting to believe him.

Ring commented on the New Zealand skeptics stating they were “skeptical for the sake of being skeptical”… which Honeychurch says he doesn’t deny!

Listen to the full audio with Mark Honeychurch above.

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