Skeptical Thoughts: Homeopathy & Universal Medicine

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/04/2018
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What exactly is homeopathy and does it work, and why does this health care company beileve in breast massages?

Siouxise Wiles joins Graeme Hill too expose all the woo, crappola and hoaxes from the last week.

She starts us off with a story about a diver putting his ‘member’ into a Giant Clam… who then had an allergic reaction. Uh oh!

A study from British Health Homoeopathists looks into all of the GP’s in England, to see whether they are prescribing homeopathy.

Graeme describes homeopathy as “fresh water that is claimed to have magic properties.”

The GP’s that did prescribe homeopathy ranked lower on the study – showing they were twice as likely to score worse on all other factors.

The study also found 8.5 percent of GP’s do, even though it’s been advised against in England.

Siouxsie also exposes the hoax of Universal Medicine, which is a form of health care invented by Serge Benhayon.

Serge has 15,000 believes worldwide, with one of the treatments stating they perform a ‘breast massage’, bringing woman closer with their bodies.

Listen to the full audio with Siouxsie Wiles above.

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