Words with Max Cryer: Autumn vs Fall & the three meanings of fawn

Weekend Variety Wireless 14/04/2018
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Autumn vs Fall, Got vs Gotten, and why is advertising something called “plugging”?

Max Cryer is a New Zealand living treasure in both entertainment and etymological spheres. He joins Graeme for Words of the Week, his banter never failing to make Graeme laugh.

We are well into Autumn with wild weather battering most of the country this week, so Mr Cryer compares the terms "Autumn" and "Fall".

Faun, as well as the three meanings for the word "Fawn"... why do all these words sound the same but have entirely different meanings?

Also, Merry-Go-Round - Graeme admits he didn't know the word described the actual object.

Ask Max a question about the English language here and watch him run!

Listen to the full audio with Max Cryer above.

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