Words with Max Cryer: Pool & Billiards

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

The first appearance of ANZAC, the difference between pool & billiards, Nuts (as in crazy) and when did we start saying ‘hi’?

Max Cryer is a New Zealand living treasure in both entertainment and etymological spheres.

ANZAC Day was on April 25th, a day to commerate the bravey of our soldiers. Mr Cryer explains there is no confirmed story about when the acronym came about, but the act was passed in New Zealand in 1920.

Mr Cryer explains the difference between the pool we swim in, and the game of pool we play... but the similarity is that it's generally a shared activity.

Ask Max a question about the English language here and watch him run!

Listen to the full audio with Max Cryer above.

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