Words with Max Cryer: Shub & Bogan

Weekend Variety Wireless 21/04/2018
Credit: File.

How many exceptions are there to the rule “I before e except after c”? 

Max Cryer is a New Zealand living treasure in both entertainment and etymological spheres. He joins Graeme Hill to talk the meaning of the words shub, bogan, and the term "chop, chop."

Mr Cryer says the "I before e" rule actually doesn't exist... there are more exceptions to the rule then there are that actually follow it!

The origin of the word shub, comes from the shortening of the word 'shower' and 'washtub', or a shower over a bath. 

Why do people say “chop! chop!” to get somebody to hurry up? 

Plus, where did the word bogan come from?

Listen to the full audio with Max Cryer above.

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