Media Stick: Clothing Brand World & equal pay

Weekend Variety Wireless 14/05/2018
Credit: The Spinoff.

Claims made this week showed clothes that are labelled as made in New Zealand were actually manufactured in Bangladesh.

Paul Casserly joins Graeme Hill to poke the stick at the latest media from the week.

Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, from the brand WORLD spoke out, saying she claims no one has felt mislead by her label in the last seven years.

Graeme plays audio of John Campbell addressing this issue – the label was actually made in New Zealand but the clothes weren’t, and she won’t change it.

Also, the Women's Soccer team got equal pay for the national representative status.

A member from their team said they should get the same pay, as they train just as hard as the men do.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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