Media Stick: Critic Te Arohi, Kendrick Lamar

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/05/2018
Credit: File.

Graeme Hill is joined by Paul Casserly to wave the stick and review the past week’s media.

The two discuss Stephen Fry and Jordan Peterson’s recent debate on political correctness and Mr Fry’s interview following the debate expanding on his views.

They also banter over a blooper from a recent interview with Kevin Mill about Grandfather’s Clock, Frankie Boyle - the funniest Scotsman alive in light of his recent monologues in ‘New World Order’, and YouTuber Tim Pool addresses Elon Musk and how mainstream media has lost touch with the average person.

Critic Te Arohi, a student newspaper in Dunedin made the news for a cover of a computer-generated woman menstruating.

Dave Scott, University Proctor, apologised to Critic editor Joel MacManus this week, after backlash of censorship.

Also, The Hookers of Hawera, a new documentary series telling a unique story of working in the sex industry.

The two also review US rapper Kendrick Lamar stopping a white girl he brought on stage for singing his N-word heavy track ‘m.A.A.d city”.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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