Out of the wild: Living in the middle of nowhere

Weekend Variety Wireless 13/05/2018
Credit: Getty.

Weekend Variety Wireless host Graeme Hill looks at a book describing one man’s doomed attempt to run a bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere, and how it nearly killed him.

Author of Out of the Wild and subject of the story, Chris Peterson, who has spent seven years in the wilderness, spoke to Graeme Hill on RadioLIVE.

The story describes his house in the middle of nowhere with very explicit descriptions.

Initially he wanted to make a lodge for the overnight workers.

The location is the end of the longest one way road in New Zealand, Mr Peterson said.

It's located in Milford and takes three days by foot unitl you arrive at James Town Bay.

Mr Peterson spent seven weeks under plastic before he could sleep under a tin roof.

Listen to the full audio with Chris Peterson above.

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