Skeptical Thoughts: Healing Crystals & Wondermins

Weekend Variety Wireless 14/05/2018
Credit: Getty.

Healing Crystals that come from underground and personalised vitamins - what could go wrong?

Mark Honeychurch joins Graeme Hill to talk the week in woo, scams and hoaxes.

Mr Honeychurch says people are buying Healing Crystals for health, and he thinks they’re 'bullshit'.

The crystals come from underground, which actually isn’t very good for the environment.

Personalised vitamins shop Wondermins claims to help your health symptoms, if you tell the company what your issues are they will send you the vitamins that you need.

Mr Honeychurch filled in the survey and it recommended he pay around $50 a month to help his health.

He then filled in the same survey but with horrible symptoms, lying that he was much sicker, older and an alcoholic – and it still said he needed about $50 worth of those vitamins.

Listen to the full audio with Mark Honeychurch above.

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