The expectation for sportspeople to be role models

Weekend Variety Wireless 27/05/2018
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Ipsos Research Director, Jonathan Dodd joins Graeme Hill to discuss the current world of human statistics, polls and surveys.

In light of Israel Folau’s recent anti-gay remarks, Australians were asked if they believe sporting organisations have a major or minor role to play in promoting awareness of and behaviour change relating to social issues.

Commodified figures like Israel Folau may not ask to be role models but become them regardless given their stance in the public sphere.

78 percent answered yes - sportspeople do have a role to play in awareness.

However there is no change in opinion across age and gender within the results.

Across the board there is the belief are standards to promote and uphold.

Also, the ‘use it or lose it’ tendency. Skills deteriorate with underuse, Mr Dodds explains.

The more you need something, the more you use it and the more you get better at it.

He discusses the conscious relationship we can have with this behaviour for added confidence and skill.

Lastly, fashion company World’s recent mislabelling saga has raised a lot of discussion lately over the ethics of where we source our products from.

A 2012 survey in Canada found 79 percent of respondents make an effort to ensure they know where their clothes are made.

In 2013, a similar study found 70 percent would pay more to contribute to better working conditions for workers.

But the cheaper products still seem to succeed.

Another study mentions that 40 percent say that they don’t care about the conditions of the workplace.

“We want the best stuff with no guilt,” said host Graeme Hill.

Listen to the full audio with Jonathan Dodd above.

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