Media Stick: Butchered anthem, Garner's brain explosion

Weekend Variety Wireless 25/06/2018
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In fake news this week, Duncan Garner had a "brain aneurysm" on RadioLIVE's The AM Show, and Paul Casserly was the creative force behind it.

Mr Casserly joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick, the week’s media sense & nonsense under the microscope.

Graeme and Mr Casserly banter over the butchering of ‘God Defend New Zealand’ at the Kiwis vs. England test in Denver.

Graeme and Mr Casserly listen to audio from an interview where Anika Moa asks the Topp Twins if Robert Muldoon turned them lesbian - the twins tell of their encounter with Mr Muldoon.

Plus, Kapiti Councillor David Scott has had his penis measured for a forensic investigation. Graeme, obviously, has a lot of questions.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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