50 years of the NZ International Film Festival

Weekend Variety Wireless 08/07/2018

The New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF) is coming to Auckland July 19th.

Long-time festival director, Bill Gosden joins Graeme Hill to  reflect on the controversies during the 50 years of the festival.

The cultural environment of film festivals in New Zealand has changed. In the early days, vast numbers of cinemas were about, films had a much longer screenings and classical music was prevalent.

There were interesting movies that screened in mainstream cinemas in those days, most of which were English language films. The first NZIFF screened two English and twelve foreign language films.

This diversity on screen continues to serve film-goers to this day.

Mr Gosden and Graeme delve into history of cultural phenomenon, censorship and social proclivities around NZIFF.

Listen to the full audio with Bill Gosden above.

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