NZIFF: A mother sends her son to be shot

Weekend Variety Wireless 30/07/2018
Credit: NZIFF.

Sinead O’Shea, director of A Mother Sends Her Son To Be Shot, joins Graeme Hill to discuss her film which features in the New Zealand International Film Festival.

The film follows Northern Ireland, post the Good Friday agreement of 1998.

The heat following the civil wars conflict resolution is depicted in the film.

It covers a family in Derry over a five year period, surrounding the events of a mother having to send her son to be shot.

O’Shea describes how the paramilitaries may have disbanded after the treaty signing, but they are still there.

It's like people had this addiction almost to chaos.

She discusses that “the trouble's on-going”, and did not end with the Good Friday agreement.

The documentary has a strong focus on the IRA and other “armed republican” groups.

O’Shea discusses the public’s distaste for the police, and the fact that they would rather follow another form of justice than call them. 

She also discusses the implications that Brexit will have on the situation in Ireland.

Listen to the full interview with Sinead O'Shea above.

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