Addictions: How & why we all have them

Weekend Variety Wireless 02/07/2018
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Addiction is one of the hardest areas in light society to have a decent debate or discussion.

The new book Addicted- how addiction affects every one of us and what we can do about it shatters myths and challenges common prejudices.

Graeme speaks candidly with author Matt Noffs of the Noffs Foundation who works with Australian addicts of all stripes.

Their organisation has been involved in a lot of the beginnings of drug treatments dating back to the 1960s when the drug crisis began emerging.

The Noffs Foundation has helped thousands of people away from their addictions.

New research has flipped the notion of addiction on its head. Mr Noffs says addiction is “as natural as falling in love”.

Addiction is normal, innate and adaptive behaviour. The idea that some people have an ‘addictive personality’ is inaccurate.

Addictions or obsessions give mammals a sense of purpose; a survival mechanism. Without protective factors however, this behaviour can derail an individual.

When our life is derailed by something, it doesn’t have to be crystal meth.

Mr Noffs uses examples of smartphone addiction, too many beers, internet and porn, or as neutral as falling in love or going to work.

Listen to the full audio with Matt Noffs above.

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