Astronomy: Double asteroids, a blurry Neptune

Weekend Variety Wireless 22/07/2018
Credit: NASA.

This week Graeme recaps his meeting with Buzz Aldrin, the Lunar Module Pilot on the Apollo 11 mission.

The RadioLIVE tech-wizards managed to find the interview with Mr Aldrin in our archives. Take a look at it here, especially on the anniversary of the first Moon landing in 1969.

Mr Aldrin took part in NASA’s historical Apollo 11 mission where he and Neil Armstrong became the first two humans to land on the Moon.

Credit: Reuters.

Astronomer Dr Grant Christie joins Graeme Hill to take a look at the latest in astronomy news.

Dr Christie discusses the new sharp view of Neptune - but why is it so blurry?

Credit: NASA.

Dr Christie also looks at the rare double asteroid revealed by NASA Observatories this week.

Astronomers are finding binary asteroids are surprisingly common - and a double whammy if they hit us.

Listen to the full audio with Dr Grant Christie above.

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