Dybvig: Russian spies and equality

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/07/2018
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Graeme Hill is joined by John Dybvig for his take on the latest news of the week from the United States.

They look at the recent arrest of Russian spy Maria Butina. She is involved with the NRA, and other republican based outlets. As Dybvig puts it, “she’s a fox”.

Butina was tired of living with her 56 year old partner in South Dakota, but after analysis of her personal correspondence it was found that she did it for “Mother Russia”.

Ms Butina managed to fly beneath the radar for a large period of time, and even had dinner with Donald Trump Jnr. All in all it’s a classic Russian spy story.

Then the pair discuss the Oval office and ask the question – is it actually oval? Turns out it is.

Credit: Reuters.

The pair also cover the division between black and white people in the United States.

Dybvig thinks it had reached an epic new low - even to the extent that a fireman had the police called on him for doing a routine check of an area.

There were similar reports in other areas of states as well, one of which involved a white man that called the cops on a black kid for selling hotdogs in their yard.

Do you think a white persons gonna call on another white kid selling water?

Dybvig reckons that it is “out of control”.

Warning: John does always try to contain himself, but there are a few swear-words used, so listen to this week's Letter from America at your own risk.

Listen to the full audio with John Dybvig above.

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