History of the sun and a weird asteroid

Weekend Variety Wireless 15/07/2018
Credit: File.

This week we have double the astronomy, which means double the space fun.

First up, Graeme is joined by Dr JJ Eldridge, an astrophysicist at the University of Auckland.

The pair take a look at our nearest star - the sun.

How did our Sun first begin to shine and did it happen on a Tuesday? Since it started shining it has been gradually changing in size and luminosity, but how will it all end?

What? The sun is getting bigger and bigger?

Astronomer Grant Christie also joins Graeme Hill to talk the latest in astronomy.

Credit: Supplied.

Asteroid Ryugu is a weird looking thing inasmuch as it looks like a flying saucer.

Dr Christie gives us insight into the UFO looking rock.

Queen's guitarist and serious astronomer Dr Brian May has created a stereoscopic view of this spinning wonder.

If you want to have a look then grab your RED-GREEN 3D glasses and click here.

Listen to the full interviews with Dr JJ Eldridge and Dr Grant Christie above.

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