Media Stick: Who is America and British swilling

Weekend Variety Wireless 16/07/2018
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Paul Casserly joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick, the week’s media sense & nonsense under the microscope.

Paul discusses Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show Who is America? and the reactions it has faced.

He takes a look at Newshub's Europe Correspondent Lloyd Burr’s encounter with an Australia football enthusiast, which ended with Lloyd being swilled on live television.

Paul looks at Trump’s alleged latest lies, that were this time directed at television host Jimmy Kimmel. Check out the video below. 

Trump even went so far as to say that Kimmel gave him preferential treatment, as he was "just a guy with potential”.

To which Kimmel responded "a guy with potential who ruined everything good in the world".

Paul also takes a look at Piers Morgan, and his latest attack on an anti-Trump activist beating him in the most surprising way. 

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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