Media Stick: Baby hate gate, backdoor bangers

Weekend Variety Wireless 09/07/2018
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Tamar Munch joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick - the week’s media sense & nonsense under the microscope.

First off Tamar has a quick look at the ridiculous promotional gifts that people are sent, in light of Graeme’s current ordeal with his sky remote.

His latest promotional package included chocolates, an egg timer, rubber duck and a ring bound calendar appropriate for a 1980’s mechanic.

Then the pair takes a look at Baby Hate Gate – part two.

This week’s update follows Simon Bridges’ fortnightly segment on a rock radio station, where host Jeremy Wells asks the question; "Do you still hate the baby?".

They also look at why an Australian man in the Northern Territory decided to stick “a cracker in the back crack”.

I stuck a banger in my bum hole.

The man decided to film himself as he placed a fire cracker in his rear – and the decision really backfired.

Graeme and Tamar also take a look at Australian women’s call for protection against sex offenders and the possible implementation of taser use.

They also take a gander at Flushin’ roulette.

Listen to the full interview with Tamar Munch above.

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