Media Stick: Throw fatty out, the perils of censorship

Weekend Variety Wireless 06/08/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Paul Casserly joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick - the week’s media guff and gaffes laid bare for fun.

The pair discuss Winston Peters' latest scandal after he allegedly fired shots at opposition minister Gerry Brownlee.

Amidst discussions, Mr Peters can be heard stating "throw fatty out" - believed to be in reference to Mr Brownlee.

Mr Casserly and Graeme also look at Bill Maher's return to the small screen. This week he even got crafty with a description about enemas.

Anthony Bourdain, who passed earlier this year, will return to TV screens this week, while his final series will air later this year.

Meanwhile, alt-right Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were shut down this week after attempting to hold an event in Auckland. 

They’re not devils - they’re just dicks.

The pair also touch on Newshub's Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr, and how he is “like a stunt journalist."

They reckon that we need more journalists like Mr Burr in the world.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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