Media Stick: Faking it in fashion, abusing journalists

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/07/2018
Credit: File.

Tamar Munch joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick - the week’s media guff and gaffes laid bare for fun.

Graeme and Tamar take a look at the treatment of journalists, especially the treatment of female reporters. They look at the effects such treatment has, and how it affects their jobs.

They also have a gander at the #WalkAway campaign.

The campaign focuses on leaving liberalism and the Democratic party. However, the #WalkAway campaign's other most frequent hashtag is #MAGA or #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

They also look at Giorgio Pavianni, and how Oobah Butler of fake shed fame conned his way into Paris fashion week.

This ties into Graeme’s own fashion world story that involves a handbag and a shaved head.

Listen to the full audio with Tamar Munch above.

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