Media Stick: Fox News, Simon Bridges

Weekend Variety Wireless 30/07/2018
Credit: Showtime.

Paul Casserly joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick - the week’s media guff and gaffes laid bare for fun.

First up the pair discuss Sacha Baron Cohen and his latest venture, Who is America?

The season follows Cohen as he runs rampant across America causing havoc for the locals.

The victims actually came off rather well

Then they take a look at a new video from Brass Eye – the guys who gave us Priest’s with guns. 

This time the group are focusing on a brand new drug by the name of ‘cake’.

Paul takes a look at a new show called Naked Attraction that looks at people dating, yes, completely naked.

Paul discusses Tom Sainsbury’s latest depiction of a kiwi politician. This time it’s Simon Bridges, the National Party leader, talking about his new medicinal cannabis bill. See the video here.

The pair also take a gander at a recent Fox News interview where they were effectively punked.

Listen to the full audio with Paul Casserly above.

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