Mummies found in 'brown goo' in Egypt

Weekend Variety Wireless 29/07/2018
Egyptian Sarcophagus.

A very strange soupy goo mixed with ancient human bones has been discovered in Egypt.

History professor Matthew Trundle joins Graeme Hill to ponder on what might have been going on.

Three skeletons in this brown soup.

The absence of writing on the granite sarcophagus makes it difficult to date, but it is strongly believed to be from the period of Ptolemy’s reign.

Recent excavation and building work found a large sarcophagus in Alexandria. The sarcophagus was recently opened, to reveal three groups of remains.

Credit: File.

From the type of sarcophagus it is strongly believe that the remains are of people with some standing within society.

It is possible that they were interred together, or seperately. We simply cannot tell at this stage.

Prof Trundle also discusses the chances of ever finding the tomb of Alexander The Great.

Listen to the full audio with Professor Matthew Trundle above.

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